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Strengthen your brand through digital media and revolutionize your business.

We are an all inclusive creative digital agency that aims to develop and strengthen your brand’s identity through social channels with an unique set of strategies, setting new standards for content creation, accounts management & growth.

The Leading Social Media Media Agency in Miami.

MGX was born with the purpose of innovating relationships between brands and their respective consumers in the digital sphere. Our team of experts seek to draw out the true essence of your brand based on its values, principles, objectives and its identity. Translating this vision into an unyielding positioning in the digital world is what differentiates us from other agencies. We believe the only way to develop an effective strategy to meet your business needs is by having a thorough understanding of your ideas.

How we work


Identify the current standing of your brand’s social presence and define your audience persona.


Goals come in all shapes and sizes. Wether you want to increase your brand awareness, generate leads & sales or grow your brand’s audience, we develop an unique set of strategies to insure you achieve your objectives.


Direct photographers and videomakers to create compelling and innovative content that is aligned with your brand’s identity and goals by leveraging current trends and conducting constant market research.


When it comes to Social Media Marketing, graphic design plays a decisive role of an overall content strategy. Our experts design unique illustrations in line with your company’s branding strategies to build your brand’s recognition and captivate user’s attention.


Gather data and analyze metrics to measure your brand’s performance over time. Constant analysis and testing allows us to understand what works and what doesn’t, so we can refine your strategy in real time.


Foster relationships by connecting and engaging with your target audiente on social channels to build customer loyalty by nurturing long-lasting ties between your brand and your audience.



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